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Summer Devon and Bonnie Dee have co-written over a dozen books. Their historical novels often feature cross class romances which give the protagonists even greater hurtles to overcome than being gay men in dangerous times. Summer is the alter ego of author, Kate Rothwell, who writes gaslight historicals. Bonnie is interested in flawed, often damaged, people who find happiness together. These writers met by chance online and have had a fabulous time passing stories back and forth, creating characters and situations in what might be the world's longest party game.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Happy New Book to Us!

Another new release. That's two from us this month!

(Did you pick up your copy of The Professor and the Smuggler?)

This is the second novella set in the world of the theater (or, as they'd spell it, theatre) family. Our first was Simon and the Christmas Spirit.
Will and the Valentine Saint is also a stand-alone story with a happily ever after. When we pick up a novella, we want to enjoy a beginning, middle, and end--so of course that's what we'll always offer our readers

A Valentine bonbon from Devon/Dee.

A Valentine bonbon from Devon/Dee, book two in the Victorian Holiday Hearts series.

Will Andrews wishes to escape the madness of his bohemian family. He dreams of an orderly, quiet life. Hiding his eccentric theater background with false recommendation letters, he interviews for a position at a legal aid society. The last thing he expects is to feel something more potent than respect for his genteel employer, Hugh St. John.

When Hugh needs a secretary, one magnetic candidate has a draw he can’t resist. Will Andrews shares his vision for the Society and is also the most attractive man he’s ever met. But Hugh has never even kissed a man and certainly wouldn’t throw himself at an employee.

As the pair plans a Valentine charity dinner, they grow ever closer to surrendering to their delicious desire. But when Will’s hidden background is revealed, can Hugh forgive his lies and omissions and trust him again?

The story is available now!
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