We're Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon and we write books together

Summer Devon and Bonnie Dee have co-written over a dozen books. Their historical novels often feature cross class romances which give the protagonists even greater hurtles to overcome than being gay men in dangerous times. Summer is the alter ego of author, Kate Rothwell, who writes gaslight historicals. Bonnie is interested in flawed, often damaged, people who find happiness together. These writers met by chance online and have had a fabulous time passing stories back and forth, creating characters and situations in what might be the world's longest party game.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Happy New Book Birthday to us!!

Out today: our latest Victorian Holiday Hearts book

 Delaney and the Autumn Masque

A spicy harvest treat from Devon and Dee. 

Delaney, former pickpocket and now a member of the Andrews theater clan, performs magic tricks as Billbo the Magnificent. Hired to entertain at a fancy dress ball, the magician is struck by the lurking, dramatic figure of the Grim Reaper. He follows Death to a quiet room for a glorious, lustful encounter.

With his identity hidden, impoverished gentleman Bartholomew Bancroft dares to indulge in an out-of-character moment to quench his forbidden yearning for another man’s touch. But in the light of day, he can’t dismiss his memories of the mysterious magician or a craving to see him again.

Bartholomew enlists the dexterous conjurer to teach him to pick pockets. His plan: to retrieve his hand-crafted jewelry taken by a vengeful ex-lover. During the lessons, Bartholomew and Delaney yield to desire, certain their affair will last only until they retrieve Bartholomew’s stolen work. 

At another costume ball, the gentleman and the magician work together to foil the thief, but when all masks are abandoned at last, can lasting love remain?

* * * * 

It's for sale in all the usual locations. 
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Victorian Holiday Hearts 

Four seasons, four novellas about one theatrical family.
They were the source of entertainment in a world without movies or television. Magic, singing and dancing, acting—the adopted and biological sons the Andrews family could do it all. And in the warmth of their eccentric and large family circle, they could be anyone they wanted or love whomever they wished. In a world where men loving men was a crime, the Andrews and their friends had their own support for true love.
The stories
Simon and the Christmas Spirit https://amzn.com/B017QUW2ES
Will and the Valentine Saint https://amzn.com/B01A5OAAOQ
Mike and the Spring Awakening  https://amzn.com/B01C6BULU4
Delaney and the Autumn Masque https://amzn.com/B01KY0UXEI

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